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Jelly Babies, Negative Thought Patterns and an Ocean of Gore!

“The best way of removing negativity is to laugh and be joyous.” – David Icke

Negativity is a disease

It can spread like some kind of air-born virus at starts in the brain and spreads through the rest of the body until your nothing but the shell of the person you were.

You will be unable to think straight or function like you normally would and reaction times will start to deteriorate.  You will find yourself becoming more of a shut in and confining yourself to your bed.

You will become more and more detached with, not only your friends and family but with reality itself; often turning to self-medication through drink and drugs.

And do you know what the worst part is?  You won’t even know you have it.

Do you know how you get this crippling disease?  From other people… seriously, if you are around negative people for too long you will become negative yourself.

Jelly_babiesIf you have friends that constantly pick holes in things that they watch, read or listen to, you become over opinionated also to keep up with the banter and fit with their pattern of behaviour.  Soon you will be finding faults with things you used to like and become some weird elitist that closes their minds off to new stuff because it doesn’t fit in with your personal, negative input structure.  I have a name for these people… DICKS!

Now I have hung around with my fair share of ‘dicks’ in my time but I have started to detach myself from some of these people, you know the type.  The type of person that can do nothing but criticise whatever you do even if it is something victorious.

I find these people slightly pathetic but I shall not waste an inch of my sympathy on them.  I won’t feel sorry for these people.  If doing something that you enjoy doing pisses them off so much then you should continue to strive in what you do.  The more bitter and spiteful they become the better you are getting.

If you do anything creative nowadays you will have to use some kind of social media to self-promote and it is on these said networks that you will run into these ‘dicks’ the most.  It’s so easy to have a dig at someone from the comfort of your armchair or office desk, and we have all done it.

But when this negative snipping starts to become a constant is when it becomes the problem.

Now I’m trying to take my writing very seriously and move on with it to the point of where I want this to be my career.  But when I wake up and turn on my computer to find sarcastic digs on my Facebook wall about a post I put up the night before, even if it’s not writing related, it really starts to grind my gears.  The worst part is I actually know these fuckers.

I’m not a violent person but I really want to punch the living shit out of some of these people.

But I have a cure for all of these Facebook warriors that fester in their own sense of self-satisfaction, it’s called ‘don’t use Facebook!’  This is why I have moved on to Twitter and Instagram, because these certain people don’t.

You see what I mean?  The last few paragraphs have been nothing but negative and why is this?  Because a pack of arse clowns are projecting their jealousy on me through trying to knock me back.

And here is where I would like to thank those people.  If it wasn’t for your negative remarks I wouldn’t have the drive to want to continue to piss you off.  Thank you for making me a better writer and proving to everyone that I have the stones to continue with what I love doing.

I have just eaten a whole packet of jelly babies while knocking this rant together and I feel great about it.  I enjoy biting the heads of the sweet little bastards and I like to name each one as I do so, sort of like a voodoo confectionary moment.

I go through phases of liking them and then the idea of them just making me gag, the thought just being a little too sweet and sickly.

I find that sweets help me to concentrate, help me collect my thoughts especially cola cubes.  If anyone out there is going to buy me anything, buy me a bag of cola cubes.

I really need to get my head back into writing again and I think the time has come to really open the flood gates when it comes to the brutality.  The line in the sand needs to be crossed and I have to start writing the most sickeningly graphic and violent stuff that my poor little mind can come up with.

Gore-Gore-GirlsIt’s time to use all that negativity that I have soaked up over the years and unleash it on to the waiting public.  Its time I stopped fucking around and getting stressed with work and got my head down to some hard-core blood and guts.  I have to become a tsunami of gore to sweep over a boring and grey world full of nothing.  My hate shall rain down from a burning sky and all will be burnt to ashes in my wake.

The weak and feeble will be evisirated with a steady flow of my fingers over the keyboard.  The wretched shall reach down into their own throats and pull their intestines through the hole where they spout so much shit.  The world shall shudder with a cold fear at the mere mention of my name.

Or I could just go and buy a packet of chocolate pretzels, a gingerbread latte and write a few stories.

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