sorry… but we are all poop-slingers!

Here we see a male ape, minding his own by a leafy hollow deep in the jungle.  See the younger male approach him and ask him for a ‘spare fag.’  The older male explains that he doesn’t smoke but watch now as other young males approach as the first male askes to borrow the older males phone to call a mate.  Let’s watch as the older male is walked to the cash machine at knife point by the young male gang.  (Read this back in the voice of Sir David Attenborough in your head… trust me it’s awesome!)

Had a massive row about evolution at work the other day and it went on for ages, it got to the point where I had to leave the warehouse for fear of what I might say.

It wasn’t a one sided argument or some massive rant about how god created everything in six days and on the seventh he went fishing, we both agreed that the idea of an all-powerful, overseer was preposterous but due to his Christian upbringing he still felt that evolution was just a theory capable of being proven wrong by some new theory further down the line like some mathematical equation about black holes.

He couldn’t quite grasp the fact that even without people with conscious though about to ‘theorise’ over the nuances of evolution it would still be a constant rather than just an idea.  Yes we could argue that maybe some stages of historical evolution might be a little skew with the findings of new remains and fossils all the time but it is a fact that evolution is still just a constant.  The links in the chain might new changing but evolution is perfect.

Even if aliens came down from the havens tomorrow and told us that we are just an experiment, we have still evolved and continue to on a daily basis.

I don’t think that the next stages of man’s evolution will be that much of a physical issue more along the mental path.  I’m not sure of the percentage but so much of the brain goes uncharted and unused.  Surely we have reached the horizon when it comes to physical development and now it is the turn of the mind.

The brain is evolving constantly and has the capacity to soak up information (if one is inclined to) like a sponge and you have to admit we have made some pretty big advances over the last century or so due to good old thinking.

And this is how I think we can advance as a species…

We get rid of religion, all of it, every single sect and cult, gone!  Seriously, we are at a point now where the good part of religion are almost non-existent, love thy neighbour and all that is out of the window now, religion has mutated into something very sinister and what I consider to be a problem.

There is Christian websites out there with the domain name ‘’ seriously?  How can he hate the gay community if he created them?  Can a Christian explain this to me; no I don’t think you can without contradicting you hypocritical doctrine of faith or proving to yourself that god doesn’t exist in the way that you thought or at all.

Now I’m not making out that I’m some intellectual or on the ball, I’m just a regular guy with a fairly standard life and average level of intellect (I like average, it works) but I’d like to think that I have enough savvy to know that most of this religious stuff is bollocks.

Talking snakes and ghost sex in Christianity, paedophile prophets in Islam, lazy skinheads sitting under trees in Buddhism, but they all have one thing in common, a disembodied and some would say tyrannical overseer that pulls our strings.  That our life is our own is a myth and that everything from thoughts to actions can be judged even while you sleep.  That you must live in servitude to this god or suffer for eternity after you die because the fun doesn’t start until you drop dead and hit the afterlife.

If there is a god and a heaven then why does the pope ride around in that car with a bulletproof box on top to prolong his life?  If he is so sure then death, in anyway should not even come into play and he would gladly stride through fire to save another’s life, but he doesn’t, because he knows the truth.  When he talks to god there is no answer.

Sorry religious types, but you’re on your own, welcome to the human race dickheads and guess what… you evolved from an ape douchbag!

I don’t want to go on too much about this because the how atheism thing is very hip and fashionable at the moment but it was a moment that got my back up a little, but fuck it.

Get rid of religion so we can move on as a species and spend all that religious based cash on exploring the galaxy and making steps in healthcare and science.  Let’s evolve for fuck sake people!

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