You may find this dull but…

As I brushed away the stones my heart sank as I could see her face through the clear plastic sheeting she was wrapped in; the sick fucker hadn’t even given her a proper burial, just thrown her to the sea to get washed up here.

Just a few words about my holiday…

I never really get all misty eyed when I think of places, I have my favourite place just like everyone else but I really did not want to come home from my recent weekend break to Hastings.

I fucking love the place; it’s just the right kind of pace for me and just the right level of posh to scumbag going on for me to just blend in.

For the first time in years I could just kick back and relax, and it was the first time in years that I slept for well over eight hours.

We stayed at a place called the Sea spray guesthouse right on the sea front on the road to Bexhill and we couldn’t have asked for a better place to stay.  The room was cosy with a LCD telly and free Wi Fi and half decent bathroom.  Breakfast was served a little early for my liking but they had a wicked menu with a wide selection and was thrown in with the price of the room.

But it’s all the little things I spotted, the graffiti on the shutdown pier about how it couldn’t be saved or the seats outside the bikers pub being a little wonky and not bolted down like everyone just knew not to nick them.  I liked how most of the chippy’s were run by eastern European folk so it was like being back home, no I kid!

I had the biggest piece of cod I have ever had from a chip shop at the Mermaid chippy down by the fish market in the old town.  The place looked like an old bomb shelter but the portions were massive and I only ordered the medium.  I should have ordered curry sauce but I forgot, I think I was just overwhelmed by the size of the fish.

We had gone at the start of the holidays which was carnival week and there were so many things to do along with the regular attractions.  Every little back street had something going on in it from jumble sales to BBQ’s and even a wine tasting where we nearly purchased a human skull from a curio shop.

We did all the normal stuff like the Sea Life centre, the shipwreck museum and smugglers adventure but there were so many little unplanned things like my Mrs nearly punching a seagull that had a wonky leg from the top of someone’s car and the almost epic air hockey session that gave her a strained shoulder that made the weekend.  The great firework display down on the seafront on the Saturday night was also a highlight.

Seriously I want to move down that way when it all goes tits up around this way; I could see myself ending my days down that way just sitting by the sea outside some chip shop eating a plate of the squid fritters watching the fishing boats come back.  I could spend my days just writing and relaxing and making my pickles for the local restaurants, magic.

I even scoped out where the local cinema and blockbusters was, that’s pretty bad.

A personal highlight for me was the Banoffee pie I had in the hilltop café, this slice was the size of a fucking rugby ball and tasted awesome.  Also finding a bar called the pig in paradise that had a really impressive tikki bar out back and a cool ass menu for anyone that likes their burgers… and I do!

We really didn’t book enough time down there so we have booked again for the august bank holiday weekend, three nights this time so we get the extra day to do almost fuck all.

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